Critical Hits is a music producer from Long Island, NY. His style is described as multidemensional, ranging from sampled based hiphop, ambient soulful R&B, deep trapsoul, club trap and dark heavy trap beats. Some of his production influences are, !llmind, Kato on the Track, Cardiak, J Dilla, Jake One, DJContinue Reading

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The gorgeous and talented, Kasey Alease is a native of St. Louis, but she’s undeniably a fortified Atlanta rapper. Kasey Alease is definitely in her own league, she has taken time to reflect on the artist she envisions being respected as and has come back to the table ready forContinue Reading

A Hip Hop head by all accounts, the Brooklyn native Notes82 is a student of and contributor to the Hip Hop culture. A respected lyricist and songwriter, Notes has been writing music for the better part of his life. Growing up on Nas, Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G., it is easyContinue Reading

Focused, dedicated and motivated are just few words to describe Durgaveli. Originally from Bushwick Brooklyn, later relocated to Laurelton Queens, Durga contains a brilliance that would light any room up. With influences such as Jay-z, Max-B, Jadakiss, Fabolous, and Biggie, Durga has created a 22-2 BAR like structure. Durgaveli isContinue Reading