BIOGRAPHY  Don’t take none of this personal “IT’S JUST COMEDY”  They often say that you can tell a lot about a person from their name. In this case, TALENT embodies the definition with full force. TALENT’S comedic style is firmly grounded within his innate ability to combine impromptu humor andContinue Reading


Amir Abdullah BioBy Allen Thayer Amir Abdullah is a rare breed of music lover whose passion for music and understanding of the cultural and sociological context complements his deep crates of classic and records. A self-proclaimed history buff and student of sociology, Amir applies his knowledge to the kind ofContinue Reading

Julian “DA GOAT” Pope is a Camden, NJ-based recording artist. He had a tough upbringing in the urban city of Camden NJ. Raised in a single parent household, DA GOAT is the oldest of 3 children. In that same home his mother installed principles and morals in him that heContinue Reading

Throughout his trials and tribulations, Rapper/Artist Darrell Simms has been able to dive into different styles and flows, throughout his musical pursuit. His SoundCloud and YouTube page in particular has been his personal canvas for years. Born in Florida and raised by a Jamaican mother, he moved to the southernContinue Reading

O.B Gizzy stands for Old Baton Rouge Hwy that is made of different families where everyone knows each other. I am from a town called Hammond Louisiana, a town outside of Baton Rouge and 45 minutes from New Orleans. It is the best of both worlds!  I come from adversityContinue Reading

Hailing from Northern Virginia, Jeevz B fell in love with hip hop culture during his teenage years. It was during the ninth grade at Langley High School in McLean, VA when he turned to rap music as a means of expressing himself in order to boost his self confidence, somethingContinue Reading

TopBoss is a new and upcoming artist from The Bronx, but resides in PA. He has been rapping for under a year, but has love for music all his life. He wrote raps as early as the 3rd grade and recorded his first song at 11. His inspirations and favoriteContinue Reading