New Internet Radio Station Hits the Airwaves in New York City  

WEMS – Elite Multi-Media Studios showcases the hottest talent while

serving as a platform for budding and seasoned radio enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and artists. WEMS is the NEW home of hit radio shows like Profit Radio, Motivation Monday, The Ryan Show, Dj Rampage Mix Show Madness, The Spot, 7 High Radio and many others.  

Broadcasting will officially begin on 11/01/2018. WEMS will share 60 hours per week of original programming with live-streaming that is available worldwide. The weekly scheduled shows include hot topics about relationships, sex, love, entrepreneurship, community and global events, politics, music, fitness and more.

WEMS is a platform which provides a voice for elevating people that have been excluded and censored by traditional media outlets.  Anyone can shoot their shot on WEMS –Elite Multi-Media Studios.  The studio where dreams are made. 

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