“Ray Rav” is a Hip-Hop Artist, Film Director and Music Producer from East New York, Brooklyn. From falling in love with music at a young age, his biggest influence was 50 Cent, Eminem and Dr. Dre. He truly admired their leadership and originality. With a very driven and ambitious outlookContinue Reading

Talented and distinguished artist, producer, songwriter, and vocal arranger, Bigg Fev is making a grand entrance into urban music with phenomenal eyebrow raising timeless music. Since 2000 Bigg Fev has written and arranged a multitude of R&B, Rap, Jazz,Gospel and pop songs. In 2002 Bigg Fev released, “Don’t Go downContinue Reading

Tish Tunes (pronounced TEESH)  is a Singer/Rapper/Songwriter based in  Harlem, NYC. One word to describe her music? Versatile. With musical influences ranging from Lauryn Hill to Jhené Aiko, Tish delivers soulful tones and cunning bars to capture her audience. Her Instagram freestyles have gained the attention of industry notables such as Chris Brown, SwayContinue Reading

Koh Pharaoh is a 25 year  old independent artist with a style composed of consciousness with some street to it. Originally from California but grew up on the Eastside of Indianapolis, Indiana. He didn’t release any music until he was released from prison. Koh Pharaoh is a creative artist you want to listenContinue Reading

Julian “DA GOAT” Pope is a Camden, NJ-based recording artist. He had a tough upbringing in the urban city of Camden NJ. Raised in a single parent household, DA GOAT is the oldest of 3 children. In that same home his mother installed principles and morals in him that heContinue Reading

Throughout his trials and tribulations, Rapper/Artist Darrell Simms has been able to dive into different styles and flows, throughout his musical pursuit. His SoundCloud and YouTube page in particular has been his personal canvas for years. Born in Florida and raised by a Jamaican mother, he moved to the southernContinue Reading

O.B Gizzy stands for Old Baton Rouge Hwy that is made of different families where everyone knows each other. I am from a town called Hammond Louisiana, a town outside of Baton Rouge and 45 minutes from New Orleans. It is the best of both worlds!  I come from adversityContinue Reading

Hailing from Northern Virginia, Jeevz B fell in love with hip hop culture during his teenage years. It was during the ninth grade at Langley High School in McLean, VA when he turned to rap music as a means of expressing himself in order to boost his self confidence, somethingContinue Reading