BIOGRAPHY  Don’t take none of this personal “IT’S JUST COMEDY”  They often say that you can tell a lot about a person from their name. In this case, TALENT embodies the definition with full force. TALENT’S comedic style is firmly grounded within his innate ability to combine impromptu humor andContinue Reading

TopBoss is a new and upcoming artist from The Bronx, but resides in PA. He has been rapping for under a year, but has love for music all his life. He wrote raps as early as the 3rd grade and recorded his first song at 11. His inspirations and favoriteContinue Reading

Amir Abdullah BioBy Allen Thayer Amir Abdullah is a rare breed of music lover whose passion for music and understanding of the cultural and sociological context complements his deep crates of classic and records. A self-proclaimed history buff and student of sociology, Amir applies his knowledge to the kind ofContinue Reading

Leon Terrence Carter is an American rap artist that goes by the stage name Fedi Stakkz registered with BMI born and raised in Jersey City Nj he currently working on numerous projects with artist such as style p from the legendary group D-block and ready to take on the industryContinue Reading

Henry Tucker formally known as C-Matic also know as Carolinamatic was born July 4,1990. He has lives between South and North Carolina . C-Matic popular single “Welcome to Carolina” has created a buzz, allowing him to collaborate with artists such as Lil Ru and Piazo. One of his biggest inspirations in the industryContinue Reading

Tiffany Shields born and raised in Harlem New York, better known “Da Capital Gp” a.k.a. Boss Lady. She has been in this game since a kid working her way through this male dominated industry. In addition to her lyrical skills, GP has honed the arts of a Producer, Videographer, Editor,Continue Reading

“The biggest thing I want to do with my music is tell my story. I want people to know who I am and what I’m about through music.” Born in the musical renaissance of the 80’s Michael Bostic was born and raised through melodies, love, and lyrics. Growing up BosticContinue Reading

Born in Silver Spring, MD on July 6th , 1987 . Moved to DC at a young age, lost , and abandoned from his father. The statement “It Takes a Village To Raise a Child” is definitely the definition of Junior Wild’s upbringing. Taken care of by his single, 2Continue Reading