Henry Tucker formally known as C-Matic also know as Carolinamatic was born July 4,1990. He has lives between South and North Carolina majority of his life. One of C-Matic song is the Welcome to Carolina anthem. He has worked with other local Carolina natives such as Lil Ru and Piazo. One of his inspirationalContinue Reading

Tiffany (Da Capital Gp aka Gp Da Boss Lady) Shields is born and raised in Harlem New York City, better known as her stage name Da Capital Gp butthe industry call her Boss Lady. She has been in this game since a kid soshe is not any new Artist toContinue Reading

“The biggest thing I want to do with my music is tell my story. I want people to know who I am and what I’m about through music.” Born in the musical renaissance of the 80’s Michael Bostic was born and raised through melodies, love, and lyrics. Growing up BosticContinue Reading

Reigning from the East Coast, namely the state of New Jersey, MCGtherapper started making music when he was at the age of 16 years old. Just like the typical young arstist starting out, he started rapping over mainstream beats and putting it on YouTube. During the time in High School,Continue Reading

The gorgeous and talented, Kasey Alease is a native of St. Louis, but she’s undeniably a fortified Atlanta rapper. Kasey Alease is definitely in her own league, she has taken time to reflect on the artist she envisions being respected as and has come back to the table ready forContinue Reading