D’Antré is a Driven Musician from Washington D.C. His style blurs the lines between various genre’s, with roots in Pop, Hip Hop & R&B, and the ability to branch out towards other styles, including alternative.

D’Antré is an artist who uses music as a mean of self-expression, connecting with the audience on a much deeper level. He is the kind of singer that comes along to break the monotony of the same old music, the same old phrasing and the same old clichés. D’Antré’s music is compelling, imaginative and a breath of fresh air compared to the sound-alike, mass produced, electronically enhanced vocals of today. What makes D’Antré so distinct from the saturated market of urban music artists, is his artistic approach to his music. When he wants you to feel love, you will feel it. When he wants you to feel hope, you will feel it. When he wants you to feel despair, you will feel it. But by the end of it all, you will just feel happy you took the emotional roller coaster.

D’Antré puts a slight whispering edge in his vocals, and lets the track display his skills on a tune that will stick to your bones like meat on a rack of ribs. He sings expressively, as he locks into a groove that builds a steady but restrained tension.

D’Antré’s first 3 songs “Big Thrill Life, Honestly, & No Excuses” are a perfect example of his sonic vision and aesthetics. The production is balanced, direct and forward-thinking, with a sound that feels refreshingly modern, yet organic and natural like a classic from the golden age! “Big Thrill Life, No Excuses & Honestly” are D’Antré’s debut single’s and they’re larger-than-life songs, with huge melodies and even bigger hooks with some massive tones. Upon their release in Late Feb. 2019 And Early April 2019 “Big Thrill Life, Honestly, & No Excuses” managed to get over 80,000 + Streams across all platforms also being played on the radio around the United States.

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