Darrell Simms

Throughout his trials and tribulations, Rapper/Artist Darrell Simms has been able to dive into different styles and flows, throughout his musical pursuit. His SoundCloud and YouTube page in particular has been his personal canvas for years.

Born in Florida and raised by a Jamaican mother, he moved to the southern part of Sweden at age 10. It was at that age, he started snooping through his mom CD collection and came across his first taste of music with Michael Jacksons (History/Past/Present) album. At an early age, he started taking an early liking to musicians such as Gorillaz, Eminem and Outkast. 

Growing up in Sweden,  Darrell started writing poetry which later on transitioned into Hip Hop lyrics after hearing Lil Wayne ” Gossip”. In early 2015, he released his first full debut mixtape ” The First Blink” .The mixtape was inspired by different genres stretching all the way from Acoustic, Indie pop and Hip Hop. In 2018, he moved to Los Angeles and dropped “ Wilcox Ave EP” featuring singles such as “Elements” and “Release”. In 2019, he dropped “ Pick It Up” aswell as “ Mixed emotions EP”. An EP available on SoundCloud. Darrell is gearing up to drop more heavy hitters this year, so best stay tuned.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/iamdsimms

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