Born in the city of Rock n Roll (Cleveland) David (Dave) Tolliver a.k.a. “Blaq Pavarotti” was destined for music success. Son of a Gospel singer, nephew of a nationally celebrated radio announcer and gold selling BMI award winning writer, and Grandson of a man who once sang for President Roosevelt what else was he to do. His future was preset like a wedding between two royal families. Starting at age 4 he began singing in the church and eventually directed the children’s choir. By the age of 15 Dave was summoned to become a part-time radio announcer under his Uncle Lynn Tolliver. This brought instant success to a teenager in his junior year of high school. For 16 years he would successfully lock down the #1 spots of any time slot he held. During his radio tenure Dave also spent a stint in the Virgin Islands as co-host of the Big Fat Morning Show. During those radio days he would go on to interview some of music’s biggest stars from Martin Lawrence to L.L. Cool J, break major records, and work every shift in 5 different formats. The world of the music for Dave started with a bang as the late great Gerald Levert handpicked Dave and Jason Champion for Men At Large who later would contribute to music history and topping charts and selling millions of albums. As well as singing Dave has appeared in over 40 stage plays, he is a hitman for hire being the climatic focal point not only with his voice but also with his versatile acting chops. Dave also has 6 movies to his credit and hosts and judges events and music panels across the country. He often takes time to mentor young artists who are trying to find their way in the biz with helpful advice or intuitive vocal and staging techniques.  To date he has released 2 acclaimed solo albums. “Blaq Pavarotti ” 2009 and “Something Like the Greatest” 2015 which yielded the top 4 single “Home”. Home was also placed on TV shows “Single Ladies and “Scream Queens”. Most recently DT has been hired as hitman for hire being the climatic focal point not only with his voice but also with his versatile acting chops. Being a trendsetter for the plus sized and his love for looking and smelling nice Dave is starting a unisex vest line called “Invested”. Vests in his eyes can be worn for all levels of events and can also be used as bulge hiders, which is the main reason for his passion for wearing vests. 

Through it all Dave is a survivor and refuses to change his style for the watered-down stylings of today’s newer artists.  He believes there is a void in the lane of true “Soul Music” and he plans to continue in the same path as his late great brother and mentor Gerald Levert. Tolliver attributes his longevity to staying true and loyal to what got him to the top of the charts before and believes the true music lovers will always recognize and eventually bring him back!  Get ready the time a cometh soon!

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