Foster Sin Episode 1 Preview and Red Carpet Event

Red Carpet, a star cast, and much more……..

It was a movie, as we walking in and observed the room there was laughter, smiles, and flashes coming from every direction. The atmosphere and look of the Gallis Lounge was as elegant the a priceless painting.

Ray Loot the Director, Writer, and Filmmaker of the Foster Sin Film stood in humility as he looked over the crowd of supporters. Mr.Loot commanded the attention  of those who gathered and spoke of the inspiration for the film, stating his God son grew up in foster care and it was time someone shed light on a broken system. Noting the stories he was told scared even him. The abuse physical, mental, sexual, just to name a few topic that would be shown in just the First episode would give us just a taste of what is yet to come.

Silence fell over the room while the lights were turned down and the action began. The first scene showed a mother and daughter driving along when they were stopped by a corrupt detective that planted illegal drugs in her car causing her to spend 10 years away from her daughter. She we watched a child being taken wrongful from their parent, the young girl was placed in the Foster Care system  The audience was glued to the screen as with every scene after had a relatable subject that touch a heart or even touched home. As we would love to tell you more, these words do not do the project justice. You most tune in and view the public release on Oct 21,2018 on platforms such as youtube and Amazon.

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  1. Your review of Episode 1 of Foster Sin was great!!!! Thanks a mil for being part of such a epic night

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