GodKing Lotto

Lebaron Anthony Alexander Jr. pka GodKing Lotto from Mobile, AL EXTRA FLY migrated to Cali in 2001 with the aspiration of building his empire in music and entrepreneurship. In tune with his creative musicology and the ambitions to be an entrepreneur and something greater, Lotto set out to be everything he can be as a businessman. Music not being a positive focus in life in Alabama, he relocated to Cali to work on all his ambitions and dreams. I saw something in music like patterns, like the matrix. I saw patterns in the bars, you can break into two bars, or 4 bars into 4 segments, 8, into 16 segments. I can put words together in patterns, its combination of delivery and imagination. You can deliver your message in so many ways. Lotto is making his imprint on the scene, he is currently a Cali resident and owner of “Shop Right” a convenience store in Compton CA on Long Beach blvd. Influenced by Mystical, Outkast, Lil Wayne, and motivated by self perseverance, Godking Lotto is on the rise. By mid Jan 2019, Artist, Rapper, Writer; GodKing Lotto dropped his single “Extra Fly”, as featured on the Source, Hip Hop Weekly, the hype Magazine & more. Lotto is set out to be a Grammy nomination soon, has a list of singles already cooked up awaiting there big premiers, including a single up next with Yella Beezy. Godking Lotto is a talented artist, business man, a creative investor, of his own craft delivering a pinnacle of all things in works!

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