Josh Breezzyy

Bio: 22 year old Hip Hop artist, Josh Breezzyy is from Riverhead, NY. A small town on Long Island that most people probably haven’t heard of. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t heard of Josh. In the last 4 years , he has produced 3 full length albums with all 3 seeing commercial and world wide success. Within those albums, every song, each skit, every word; was written, mixed mastered and produced by him. When I say produced, I mean the old definition of the word. No he didn’t make all his beats, but he did make those beats sound a way that no-one else was able to. He took the beat, manipulated it, caught different pockets and turned it into ART. No labels (except his own independent label created in 2014 “McKnight Records”) no big rollouts, no big budgets, no press releases. Just, a talented Hip Hop artist with a way with words, and the ability to paint a brilliant picture with them. Josh Breezzyy, 2 E’s 2 Z’s and 2 Y’s. That should be a household name…But don’t worry, he has even begun yet.

Instagram: @realjoshbreezzyy
Twitter: @REAL_Breezzyy
All Albums Available On All Streaming Platforms. Below are Spotify Links.

Album Links:
Tortured Artist (2018):
MASK: Music and Soul Kit (2016):
Gone But Not Forgotten (2015):

Outer Space (2018):
All Of Us (2017):
Away With Me (2016):

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