Junior Wild

Born in Silver Spring, MD on July 6th , 1987 . Moved to DC at a young age, lost , and abandoned from his father. The statement “It Takes a Village To Raise a Child” is definitely the definition of Junior Wild’s upbringing. Taken care of by his single, 2 job , hardworking mother..Who always couldn’t be around or assist her son. So therefore, the streets , godfamily, & associates were the alternate role models for Junior Wild.

No one really gets the “yellow brick road” lifestyle in the beginning , so to save the re-run of struggles that most of the Greatest Artists have been through …Lets just cook up the summary of Junior Wilds’ environment ; Peer pressure of crime like living in Compton , Fast paced like New york , & low income poverty surrounded this young man . Due to the “adolescent” behavior at a young age , Junior Wild experienced the urban life of survival very fast & early in his life .Experiencing sleeping outside , No close associates , or people to assist him with living independently , Junior Wild learned like anyone else how to survive in the streets of Southeast of Washington, DC . Influences of music caught Junior Wild also at a young age, and begin to mold his craft at the age 9yrs old . He begin singing first , then at the age of 12 yrs old ..He decided to pick up Rap . Of course like any other unlucky artists with dreams,  Junior Wild was overwhelmed by of course his environment , responsibilities, so music wasn’t the priority ..Until he came home from a 3yr sentence he later in his life served due to an alleged “Robbery”. By this time , Junior Wild is 22yrs old & has a 6 month old little girl named “Makayla”. Music is what he begin to focus on permanently. Throughout the time, Junior Wild has performed at multiple showcases & open mics , For example …In 2011 , Junior Wild and his friends from BMG (Banga Music Group) opened for Gunplay from MMG ( Maybach Music Group) at Island Cafe’ in Washington, DC Hosted by the late & missed Bishop Twan. As of now , Junior Wild in the mix of flooding the DC area with his new wave of music!! Junior Wild now has now 6 kids , has released videos on YouTube , Is releasing a mixtape soon , Just dropped a video called “Good vs Bad” , Just dropped a Single called “Lit” on iTunes , Spotify, Google Play , Tidal etc. He is determined , and committed to let the world hear what he sas to say!

Music Links : SoundCloud.com/juniorwild


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