Lia Wyn

Singing and rapping sensation LIA WYN was born July 13th, 1992 in The Bronx NY. 

Being in love with music and singing since the age of 4, she first discovered her love for poetry at 14 and began performing those written pieces at 16 years old at talent showcase events. There she found her comfort of being on stage and began connecting with her audience. 

Developing that skill LIA WYN has honed her talents and put it into her passion for music releasing her first ever rap single entitled “Beast Mode” among the other songs she’s released entitled No More, Let Me Go, Not The One, and Dreamz. LIA WYN has shown us what she can do with being free to create whatever flows from the heart and mind displaying her body of work on YouTube and SoundCloud. 

For further interests in what is yet to come you can follow her on Instagram (@pinkchinkz) where there are updates on upcoming music and performance dates for a chance to see her Live!

Uptown boogie down Bronx

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