“LIVE” with Taji is hosted by an Entrepreneur that has many talents, yet currently driven as the proud CEO of two Companies. There’s Fashion Coffee, which consists of wardrobe styling for Artists, Models, Fashion Designers and the everyday person. The other is U-GAME, an “Adult Gaming Experience”. This is when Taji shakes up the room with her innovative, game hosting for events such as, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Bachelorettes, Ladies Night and the most popular, “Adult Game Night”. She can show you more than tell you!

“LIVE” with Taji brings the heat with fun topics like “Tap In/Tap Out” and “Shyt Stirring”. Independent Artists are put in the spotlight, as their music is played in the “Artist of the Night” segment with DJ Scotty, The Crowd Pleaser.

The guests will be from diverse industries, such as…fashion, music, dance, comedy, white-collar, blue-collar, and of course, entrepreneurial.

The best ass whoopin you can get is success. Let’s succeed together by supporting each other on a Worldwide platform called WEMS Radio.

You are now “LIVE” with Taji!?!