Michael Bostic

“The biggest thing I want to do with my music is tell my story. I want people to know who I am and what I’m about through music.”

Born in the musical renaissance of the 80’s Michael Bostic was born and raised through melodies, love, and lyrics. Growing up Bostic adored his father and gained his love of music through him as his father sang everyday when they were at home. As an avid listener and lover of both R&B and Hip-Hop Bostic grew up and admired Jill Scott, Marques Houston, Joe, Jadakiss and Eminem.

Growing up Bostic became musically trained and can play any instrument that is handed to him. He believes becoming musically trained can help in the production of music and developing himself as a vocalist. His defining moment that changed the course of his life forever included him riding in the car with his father and he heard Joe ‘s All The Things Your Man Won’t Do and he decided he wanted to make music, he wanted to make music that touches people’s hearts.

His first appearance on stage was in 2010 at the Bungalo lounge in Queens NY, where he began to tone his skills and his stage presence following that he performed at the Bowery Poetry Club, Walker’s Sound Stage and making his way to current day Sounds of Brazil (SOB’s).

In 2016 Bostic released his classic L.O.V.E Story that was a project reminiscent of those that influenced him, his musical stylings was a tribute to those that set the tone for R&B today. Unfortunately in the beginning of 2017, Bostic went to prison for 18 months on undisclosed charges giving him the time to not only reflect on his life choices but his actions going forward with music. Coming out in 2018 he aligned himself with Live Johnson and Every Dolla Counts production group, splitting ties with his former music label.With his latest single Confused on digital retailers Bostic made the decision to rerelease a L.O.V.E story to give the audience the full experience that is Michael Bostic .

My artistic philosophy is let the music speak for you. You can always lie in your music but the audience always knows.

With a new life and horizon waiting for him Michael Bostic is hungry and continues to push forward ending the 2019 year right and going into 2020 with a new perspective of it all.

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