Born and raised on Long Island, N.Y.,
NAM NITTY is a super talented Emcee/Producer/Videographer/Fashion Designer dedicated to delivering what not only music needs but what the CULTURE as a whole needs and has been waiting for.

Since 16 he has been crafting his style, expressing his emotions through the electrifying, pain driven lyrics in his songs and beats. The heart, mind and soul of a child of the ghetto goes into every letter of every verse he writes. His music is the refection of the world he comes from, the good, the bad, and the ugly of a young black man in today’s america. 

Crack Baby

NAM NITTY is the Newest Member of Mxnxpxly Family, a collective that includes John Jigg$, M.O.U.F & Rockwelz.
NAM has shared a stage with the likes of E.P.M.D, Styles P of The L.O.X, Red Cafe, Papoose, Remy Ma, Fred Da Godsun (Rest in Peace), Uncle Murda and several others on various stages, but his live show is second to none.
He has also released several mixtapes from his “THIS IS NOT A MIXTAPE” series in the streets via

Known for his unorthodox style of wordplay, creative song themes & energetic stage presence.

NAM NITTY not only is an aspiring artist on the rise, he also knows what he is doing on the production side of things. Taking on the entire production task of his last 3 E.P’s (“Livn 2Die”, “The Most Hated Favorite” & “Sex x Money x Drugs”) All are Available on all Digital Platforms.
He is Co-Founder & C.E.O of Secret Sosiety Entertainment as well as his own Premium Clothing line, Eleven746 Clothing Co. and he directs his own videos, creating his his own artwork and mixing his his own sound makes NAM NITTY a “Triple Threat”

NAM NITTY was born to be a LEGEND.
As a student of the greats that have come before him, it shows through his sound that he is the complete package.


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