O.B. Gizzy

O.B Gizzy stands for Old Baton Rouge Hwy that is made of different families where everyone knows each other. I am from a town called Hammond Louisiana, a town outside of Baton Rouge and 45 minutes from New Orleans. It is the best of both worlds!  I come from adversity and I know about pain. I am the oldest of six children. My mom was shot, and her husband committed suicide. I still refer to my mom as a strong black queen. My mom took care of us. She taught me how to be a good man. As a result, I am a good father of two beautiful children of my own.

While growing up I attended church regularly and I put God before everything. I stay grounded in my belief because I know that in life, I am forced to face a lot of negative things, so I keep myself protected and covered. My faith is the corner stone of everything.

I became an artist because I wanted a platform to give a message. Music is one of those things that can captivate you in an instant. I am not the type of artist that is into gold chains and flashy jewelry. When you listen to my lyrics there is a message, and I can adapt to all music. I can give the people what they want and still get a message across. This is what makes me different from most other artists. For me success is not defined by money. Success is measured through the imprint I leave on people. It is the inspiration and motivation I can provide that changes lives.  For many people music is therapy.  I am grateful to be able to help people through my music. It’s my gift.

My outlook for the future is bright! Within the next year I plan to officially break into the industry. Breaking into the industry is what I have been working towards. It is what all the long nights in the studio was for.  It is what I have sacrificed for. I’m ready for this and I just want the people to know that real men are here and we have something to say. Real men are back in style!


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