A Hip Hop head by all accounts, the Brooklyn native Notes82 is a student of and contributor to the Hip Hop culture. A respected lyricist and songwriter, Notes has been writing music for the better part of his life. Growing up on Nas, Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G., it is easyContinue Reading

Focused, dedicated and motivated are just few words to describe Durgaveli. Originally from Bushwick Brooklyn, later relocated to Laurelton Queens, Durga contains a brilliance that would light any room up. With influences such as Jay-z, Max-B, Jadakiss, Fabolous, and Biggie, Durga has created a 22-2 BAR like structure. Durgaveli isContinue Reading

Pop the Moet & Chandon, Roll Up and Vibe Out to a requisite Hip Hop wave finessed by East Harlem rapper and song writer, Mulla Mitch (rapper) Born Brandon Mitchell ,has been writing from the age of 14 years old  The young rapper first mixtape was called Paint the townContinue Reading

Born in Kingston, Jamaica on April 20th reggae artist, Lavaah Goodaz grew up passionately watching and imitating entertainers such as Halle Berry, Beres Hammond, Lady Saw, and Tanya Stephens so it was no surprise that she naturally grew to be a diverse and talented entertainer in her own right. Lavaah wasContinue Reading

Lebaron Anthony Alexander Jr. pka GodKing Lotto from Mobile, AL EXTRA FLY migrated to Cali in 2001 with the aspiration of building his empire in music and entrepreneurship. In tune with his creative musicology and the ambitions to be an entrepreneur and something greater, Lotto set out to be everythingContinue Reading