The Comfort Zone is hosted by a sexy husband & wife duo by the name of Mr. Lulu & Mrs. LuLuTheSexpert. Mrs.Lulu has many years of experience in helping people “bring foreplay back to live”. We talk about all areas of sex & relationships no matter who it’s with even yourself .

.We are a power couple owners of a great adult novelty business called (OohLuluCherryBox.com where you can shop for great toys at a great price, you can also book a class on topics like Oral play & Foreplay Just to name a few, or maybe you want a girls night out have a CherryBox event 


.So join us every Wednesday from 8-10pm for spicy education talk

But wait there is more The Comfort Zone also provides detailed product review on some of the latest toys to enhance you adult playtime, which is sponsored by Ooh Lulu’s Cherry Box