Da Radio Show

Tune in every Friday from 5pm – 6pm EST.

About Da Radio Show, LA’s 1580AM 
 For a decade and a few years added on that, this radio LIVE weekly broadcast has given an opportunity to thousands of independent urban music prospects during their existence on the airwaves in Los Angeles. The objective of Da Radio Show is to SUPPORT independent urban music, create more retail sales within the independent urban music market, and most of all, educate all music prospects that want to be educated about the music industry. During this one-hour LIVE broadcast, Da Radio Show will introduce new music by new and upcoming artists and labels, advertise products and services, have a fun-filled show with our listeners.

Meet The Hosts 


Dundee is an air-personality that has helped change the radio game. Lead air-personality of Da Radio Show on 1580AM in Los Angeles, this remarkable air-personality has opened up doors to several independent urban music artists.

Considering himself as a musical surgeon when he was a musical producer, now he has carried those musical skills over into radio. Under the present circumstances, MD brings to the table a mixture of comedy, controversy, and love.


MD spotted her on stage hosting a showcase in Long Beach Cali. Right then he knew that she was the very thing that Da Radio Show needed. This Hispanic bombshell would uplift the spirit the radio program could use, thus MaryAlex was added into the 


ArtiztMonique, is a unique southern style radio personality straight outta New Orleans, LA. She came to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career yet ArtiztMonique has full entertainment background, including music, filmmaking, radio, and more.ArtiztMonique Monique was introduced by Randy Hawkins with the school bus tour to DaRadioShow and since then, ArtiztMonique has been riding alongside the crew. ArtiztMonique can absolutely relate to the struggles of life through the listener’s eyes and ears. ArtiztMonique is more on a conscious level that helps to enlighten the audience, helping to put smiles on their faces and laughter inside their hearts. ArtiztMonique has so much talent with such a humbling and rewarding personality.