Fame Life

Chad Brooks (July 25th 1986), better known by his stage

name F.A.M.E LIFE (FameLife) is an American rapper, sing-
er, actor, and songwriter. Raised between Brooklyn, New York

and Newport News, Virginia, he is a founding member of the
hip-hop entertainment collective Ace of Spades, with whom
he has released his debut solo mixtape series “Blind Date”
and then “Blind Date 2: Hip Hop Since 86” in October of
2012 to critical acclaim and recognition. Followed by ”Casino
Knights” in September of 2013 and then “Victorio O Muerte”
in June of 2014. He released a single “Check Out My View”
in May of 2016 which was labeled as “ a fresh new smooth
sound of NYC.” Solidified him on the up and coming HipHop
scene of NYC. He made is 1st studio debut album “Fly Shit
Only” which was a joint album with label partner Khaalid
Anderson from West Palm Beach, Florida in October of 2017.
With singles such as “Fly shit only” and “90’s R&B, the album has received much success and have been
embraced by more & more fans. Spending time growing up in Virginia Fame has adapted a southern drawl
added with the Brooklyn-street “grittyness” yet smooth, laid-back type flow. His monotone voice is sure to
bring you to really feel each lyric that comes out and draw you in close to each story he tells through the
music. A unique-blend sound with a great energetic stage presence Fame is sure to entertain any and all
Fame the 1st born of his siblings, to an African-American mother and Honduran father, traveled
back and fourth from Virginia and New York during the ages of 10-18, due to his parents split up. Fame’s
music was heavily influenced by both areas. Fame Life’s “stage career” began in live stage plays. From

elementary school up until highschool Fame was acting in on stage live productions. From plays “Shake-
speare’s Midnight Summers Dream” to musicals “Annie Get Your Gun.” Fame acted in over 15 plays and

was always on stage. He says this is what conditioned him to be so comfortable performing his music on
stage and being entertaining. He attended Woodside Highschool in Newport News, Virginia, which was a
magnet school for the arts. He originally enrolled for acting. Eventually he began gearing more towards
making music. He says he always wrote poetry, more so to get girls. Then he started writing more music
with a group of friends and they went on to start a LLC in highschool called 7 Cities entertainment and sold
over 300 mixtapes locally. His first rap name was “Shice” which he says sounded cool at the time. Fame’s

personality showed much of a comedic cocky persona, which his friends would always call him “Mr. fa-
mous”, the name Fame just stuck. Started as Fame-us then eventually to F.A.M.E Life (Fearless, Ambitious.

Motivated.Elevated) which is a acronymn for a certain way to live and be successful Fame has adopted
into life. Now based out of Brooklyn, New York, Fame Life has laid down a foundation for Ace of Spades
Entertainment along with 3 other founding members to create a multi-faceted major platform for all artist
to display their talents. From underground and indie musicians to visual arts,painters, instrumentalists
etc. To restore the connections of the arts and classic sounds. He performs and networks across the United
States working with the community to assist in driving passions while pushing his own.

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