Motion Boys G Dott and Yharlie Black

Born and raised in Harlem, New York City, GDOTT is one of the most well rounded and talented people you will ever come across. He literally does it all. From the streets to the stage.

Coming up as a youngin’ GDOTT was the half good half bad kid. Never gave his mother a hard time, always did good in school but yet always in the mix. By his mid teens he formed a school, work, streets triangle offense.   Whatever it was that he had to do to survive was what would be done. After finishing school in Greensboro, North Carolina, GDOTT then returned back to Harlem. Starring in in one of the best Independent films the city has ever witnessed, which was based on actual events that took place with him and his friends titled “Pay Up.” The movie was based on a good friend named Paris aka Dice. After that GDOTT began to work at Pepsi Cola during the day, took up Computer Science classes during the evening and hustled for the remainder of the night on 121st street and 7th ave.  This was a everyday routine for him. Hustling and Partying was all that GDOTT and The Motion Boys (Before they formed the team) would do, spend hella money on clothes and bottles every night in the clubs. Becoming regular costumers in all of NYC’s elite nightclubs, entering the venues with tons of pretty girls and guys from his block, spending countless amounts of money, a promoter by the name of Zach eventually let GDOTTknow he can make money from partying and it was over ever since that day. Now is when him and Yharlie Black formed the Motion Boys promotional team and began to make thousands of dollars by throwing the best parties in all of NYC from 2008 and on… They’ve  done parties in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New Orleans. The Motion Boys wasn’t limited to just one hustle tho. While throwing dope parties they also was running a business called 1302 LLC. which detailed in Product Placement, Casting and Management. It wasn’t until October 2013 That GDOTT decided to create a rap song out of thin air using a frequent phrase that him and his friends use to say called “Ima Thot Get Me Lit.” GDOTT created this song as joke for his friends but all the while knowing that he would make it good enough to be heard across the world. The very same day he released the track it went right to the New York City radio stations Hot 97 and Power 105. Shockingly everyone loved and supported the song. It created a huge buzz within hours of its release. He then got word that “We The Best” artist and fellow Harlemite Vado was interested in getting on the remix and they made it happen. Everyone doesn’t know that GDOTT barley listens to Rap Music. His favorite musical groups are Paramore, Panic at The Disco and Fall Out Boy. Ever since he was a young kid he would always blast Rock and Roll music. He grew up on Dipset, Cash Money, Rocafella and Bad Boy but his listening preference was Rock music. His diversity, Swaggy Harlem Persona and creativeness lead him to put together a classic body of work called “Motion Sickness” his debut Mixtape. The people went crazy for it. One year later he decided to take on the roll of videographer because his catalog of songs became huge but he had no visuals for none of them. He got his hands on a Canon 5D Mark lll camera, downloaded Final Cut Pro and began to learn. His very first camera gig was for a friend. Filling in for her absent videographer lead GDOTT to direct, edit and soundtrack the winning video in the Sprite Change The Game Challenge. The video was hand picked by Lebron James as the grand prize winner of $50,000.00 After becoming his own in house camera man, directing and editing all his own music videos and vlogs, he went on a mission to build is own in house studio to truly find his sound by learning to engineer. He accomplished that goal as well and has been engineering his own music since then and now we’re here and your reading about a new superstar who’s main purpose is making sure the world  gets to hear his music,  get his family out the hood and change the lives of his loved ones. He’s a super cool, talented and overall dope person and his story is even doper so make sure you follow the journey of  GDOTT and The Motion Boys.


Charlie Black aka Yharlie Black was born in Harlem New York on 112th and St Nicholas Ave. His father always put him in a lot of Sports programs. He started acting around the age of 12 then he joined the Screen Actors Guild shorty later. He appeared in many films including “He got Game , State Property and 25th Hour ” just to name a Few. Shortly after that he started interning at Rocafella records. In 2002 he worked at Rocfella Records, working on tons of different projects from Jay Z, Kanye West, Young Gunz, Nicole Wray, Rell, Cam’Ron etc… In 2004 he started assisting Nicole Wray on tours around the time she had a single out called “If I was your girlfriend.” They did shows In about 25 different states. They Went on a world wide tour with Keisha Cole and Ciara in 2005. Once Roc a fella broke up Charlie Black started a company with his childhood friend GDOTT called “Motion boys Entertainment ”  Motion Boys Entertainment is basically the every day/night lifestyle of individuals like GDOTT, Charlie Black, Al Berry, Hundos just to name a few, formed into a business with a huge and highly influential following.

The forefront and Promoters of the Company are Charlie Black and GDOTT. While promoting for only 4 years the Motion Boys have made a name for themselves by throwing Non-Stop fun-filled events ranging from New York City all the way down to Miami Florida. With the power to pack venues with a capacity of 2000 or more people, the Motion Boys created a following like no other. From local bars, ballrooms, halls, clubs and lofts they do it all. Now in 2015 with the shocking transition into the music business, GDOTT creating a hit record that got the streets, clubs and radio’s on smash called “The Yharlie” based on Charlie Black and all dance moves, the merger with Vaporous Technologies out in Los Angeles, release of Open Bar NYC Clothing release spring 2018, films and more are surly to have Charlie Black’s schedule filled being the glue to the company. Make sure you stay in touch with Charlie Black and the Motion Boys. Dont get caught slipping because any second now they will be the main talk of many conversations and in many different markets. Trust and believe.

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